Why Detox from Environmental toxins?

“Excessive emphasis has been placed on genetics as a cause…the advances in molecular genetics have tended to obscure the principle that genes are always acting in and on a particular environment.”  Professor Bernard Weiss

Latest research was released on 20th September 2014, that is demonstrating the long range implications of current medical methodology and enviromental damage is having on humanity.

MICROBIRTH investigates the latest scientific research on the microscopic events happening during childbirth. These events could have life-long consequences for the health of our children and potentially could even impact humanity. Made by Toni Harman and Alex Wakeford, the co-founders of ONE WORLD BIRTH

Fact…..there have been a huge number artificially manufactured personal and household chemicals released into our environment over our industrial age, all of which without any legally required of health and safety or environmental studies.

Chemical poisoning knows no boundaries, does not respect age, sex, race, class or geographic location it is issue for all of us now and in the future. It is a major, with much of the damage from chemical toxins is with us in the womb where our developing brains and nervous systems are most vunerable.

Pharmaceuticals are often blamed for their serious health side effects however these companies spend billions of dollars on validation drug trials with many of them failing. Therapeutic doses of drug medications are often measured in parts per billion. Yet commercial chemicals are more or less given a free rein to pollute us in very unsuspecting ways. Bottom line is “Dose matters” without intensive toxicity studies we don’t know the effects and forward impact…or do we?
It would be hard to argue that the incidence of asthmas, allergies, autism, adult and child cancers, early developmental onset of children, infertility, birth defects, mental disorders, chronic fatigue and many other diseases ……have increased in a space of a generation or two.
In May 2009 neurotoxicity study was released headlined “Autism Linked to Environment” published in the Neurotoxicology journal

The reasons for the rise in ASD diagnosis likely involves…..genetically predisposed individuals being exposed to various environmental triggers….at higher rates than in past generations. It might be argued that if environmental contact with neurotoxins increases the odds of autism…..then the increase in ASD diagnoses over the past generation can be explained by a macro-level increase in such toxins. Dr M. Catherine Desoto

I believe that removing, minimising and cleaning up as many of these chemical toxin sources is the responsibility of every person on the planet and the law makers that govern them.
The following clip is a very interesting look at human toxicity levels in the human body. It is also interesting that this unique and novel study was conducted on 10  samples of human plancenta blood taken at birth from random individuals and makes reference to leading research in the enviromental toxins and health area.

Research links soaring incidence of the mysterious neurological disorder to fetal and infant exposure to pesticides, viruses, household chemicals;


  • 600-700% increase in diagnosed ASD cases 24% ”earlier diagnosis”, 56% from diagnosing “milder cases”, 120% change in state reporting.   Scientific American, 2009 Marla Cone

This is all preventable !!!

A bit of free advice

  • Buy Organic
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  • Filter your tap water
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