Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently asked Questions

So you are like a Chiropractor, Osteopath, psychotherapist or something?

Not exactly…specifically trained TBM / FNI and Psych-K Kinesiologist actually …. Similar as this process is hands on, but different, the major focus is nerve function and neurological root cause analysis and the permanent resetting of subconscious function, addressing the “Stress or behavioral” habits that create the physical issue and symptoms. Your cognitive responses are important however your physical response speak volumes.   Once “stress or behavioral habits” are addressed there is nothing to drive the body into a distortion pattern, so you enjoy longer periods of stability and no need for heavy adjusting. Have you have ever been told or concluded “My physical issues are stress related? ”

Are all Kinesiologists the same? 

No? like any profession there are differing practices, scopes and areas of interest. Personally, I would love to drop the word Kinesiologist and say, “Nerve function and behavioral Practitioner that uses muscle testing” (but it’s a bigger mouth full), my main focus is the optimization of that simulated reality you live with between your ears and the physical effects that has on our physical reality.

Do you do address Structural issues?


Keep in mind Bones don’t move bones, muscles move bones…muscles move due to electrical signaling…. electrical signaling is a factor of your thoughts, your memories, your emotional condition and any mechanical pressure or sensory feedback in or along any given nerve pathway.

If you have experienced an injury and can remember and recall it then it is likely to be as much habit as it is trauma. To recap, yes we address structural issues.

Do you do counselling?

The program is self-counselling in that your subconscious physical reactions to testing are as much perceived by you as they are by me. We talk as we work but it’s not compulsory. The adjustment corrections are made and confirmed at time of discovery, so the only real homework is required is to process the change. The process is combination of a “do to” and a “do with” methodology, some recovery or processing time is normally required after the correction event.

How do I explain what you do to people?

The simplest way is this ” Everything you have ever experienced matters, it has value(s). These values influence our function by changing the tone of the base subconscious operating system(s) which controls our bodies. This process resets experience values therefore returning our operating system to normal tone and physical function.

If you love something you are naturally drawn toward it, conversely if you hate something you are repelled by it and if you are traumatized by it, you typically can’t even process it and you freeze so nothing happens. These reactions appear as strength, weakness or freeze physical responses within your body and are constantly cycling within our systems. I am specifically trained and experienced to test and reset these response values which in turn improves your entire health and wellness regardless of the condition” .

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You can fake or influence a muscle response test can’t you?

No, you can try, however once properly calibrated near impossible, conscious interference feels very different to true subconscious response. I find most people that hold this opinion to have little real or actual muscle testing experience. Like everything muscle testing requires skill, experience and practice from the practitioner and the correct intention of the patient.

You can think of muscle testing and polygraph lie detection testing as one of the same. the only difference is one uses an electrical machine to indicate electronic responses in the body, the other tests directly on the body’s natural reflexes.

It is also common to have subconscious neurological disassociations due to trauma and injury that create false positives or negatives, this where the skill and experience of the practitioner are critical.

What is Kinesiology or Neuro-muscular reflex testing?

Neuro-muscular reflex testing is a real and validated health science that was re-discovered and practiced by a growing number of doctors, psychotherapists, chiropractors and acupuncturists across the world. The technique that sets it apart from other forms of treatment is real-time body feedback through measuring the body’s responses to stimulus. Muscle reflex testing is tool and scientifically validated within Applied Kinesiology and work around the Mind/Body Paradigm.

One particular Mind/Body Paradigm study was published in 1999 in a prestigious Perceptual and Motor Skills(1) journal, which demonstrates the validity of using the muscular system as a window on the function of the nervous system.

The below graph is extracted from the 1999 study and visually depicts the differences between true and false muscle reflexes.

muscle test diagram


1. Perceptual and Motor Skills, 1999, 88, 1019-1028. © Perceptual and Motor Skills 1999DANIEL A. MONTI Jefferson Medical College JOHN SINNOTT Horsham, Pennsylvania MARC MARCHESE King’s College ELISABETH J. S. KUNKEL Jefferson Medical College JEFFREY M. GREESON Thomas Jefferson University MUSCLE TEST COMPARISONS OF CONGRUENT AND INCONGRUENT SELF-REFERENTIAL STATEMENTS

Do I need to believe in a subconscious mind to make it work?

If you grew from a single cell can bang two rocks together, have experienced a dream some time in your lifetime then you have a subconscious and some form of electrical activity going on within you, if you can’t accept this, sorry but thanks for stopping by!


You need to be open and available the only real qualification you need is to be genuine in your desire to improve and engage the process.  You dont have to understand the process or even believe in the process. It works anyway!

So what about nutrition and dietary supplementation where does that fit in?

FNI has taken the following approach to nutrition and supplementation. Many people come in and ask about nutrition and supplementation, the answer is always the same. YES, very important however keep things simple, address the basics first, and then build on that base.

  • Let’s get your body awareness, function and immunity up to optimal levels ” Do all your muscles fire properly? Is your brain fully aware of your body?” If not fix as we find.
  • Let’s get your body hydrating optimally, dehydration lowers IQ and weakens the body’s immunity in a randomized fashion causing increased injury risk, not to mention effects your digestive system.
  • Let’s back to basics remove as much refined and processed food from your diet. Modernization of the food industry has added a huge amount of artificial chemicals, sweeteners, and sugars into our lives. All of which have toxic and harmful effects on our body’s health and wellbeing.
  • Supplementation of vitamins and minerals are required to help the body rebalance and recover from prolonged deficiencies. Our bodies have an enormous capacity to adapt, however those adaptions can come with a price in the long term with accelerated aging and dysfunction.

FNI has protocols to achieve all four areas through its subconscious testing programs and dietary recommendations.

Do I need to complete all the core work?

No, we can focus on key traumas, or situations.  Sometimes one session is enough.

Do I need to tell you anything?

Ideally, if you can consciously outline the issues great, however commonly we hurt for no perceivable reason or it’s something we don’t want to discuss. No problem you just need to think about the situation, and we can measure and correct your responses. Complete confidentiality!

How long before I start seeing results?

Some results are immediate and dramatic, yet others take a longer to grow. Bottom line here is it took time to manifest and grow into the condition. Equally once the adjustments are made you need to grow out of the same condition.

Your individual treatment response will fall somewhere between two profiles, The below diagram of response verses time is a representation of what to expect.

  • Ideally a straight linear (A profile) improvement from your baseline position.
  • Or contain a treatment processing phase (Red profile) then follows (B profile). The processing phase is the result of internal resistance emanating from physical, emotional or even spiritual inertia. During this processing phase symptoms may appear worst, however once finished recovery is rapid. Below is schematic diagram of the typical treatment response profiles.
  • Similarly some people can track along the baseline for the first few sessions with no noticable response until enough triggers are removed then follows through a B type profile which is also normal.
  • In reality your progress will fall somewhere between A and B profiles Treatment Response curve

What do I expect during the processing phase?

From experience, once a neurological reflex has been reset the processing time is around 3-4 days. With physical work some form of Herxheimer Reaction or detox is expected so correct hydration is critical to the entire program to assist the bodies recovery.

How long are the sessions?

It’s really up to you the client, and the stage and level of work required. Once the core foundation protocols are completed, checkups and tune ups anywhere from a 15min appointment to 1 hour.

Project work can extend single sessions to the capacity of the individual i.e., 1 – 8 hrs.

Can I do all the core foundation work all at once?

Yes, if you are in town for the weekend, it is possible to complete the foundation work. You will need to be well hydrated throughout the process and following weeks.

What is the Science and Philosophy?

  1. Always start with the basics then get complicated.

  2. Anything can cause anything, anything can cure anything.

  3. Once the probable and the likely has been eliminated the only thing left is the improbable and the unlikely, so suspend judgement.

  4. Never doubt the innate intelligence and never trick yourself into believing you know everything about anything, remain open and listen.

    The body has the subconscious intelligence to create, maintain and repair itself, however at times this subconscious intelligence is not expressed correctly, and the result is disease.

All therapies regardless of origin only ever act to remove the blockages to our subconscious ability to self-heal.

The subconscious can be scientifically defined as an electro-dynamic field. The electro-dynamic field is invisible and intangible to most however is in itself the life force within us and all other living things. Most importantly this electro-dynamic field is directable through focused attention of our thoughts and emotions.

One of a number of comprehensive scientific accounts of this discovery was made over a 43-year career by Dr Harold S Burr. PhD, member of the Yale University School of Medicine, where he taught anatomy and neuroanatomy. Dr Harold Burr and his associates conducted thousands of experiments physically measured what he called “field of life” or L-Fields. He has been quoted as saying “The universe is an ordered system, the human organism an ordered component, as the universe has meaning so have we” 

More recently scientists and researchers have developed the tools to measure and map neurological brain activity, correlating heart rate variability to emotional and physiological stresses to biologically explain and demonstrate gene regulation in respect to internal and external stimulus. So called mainstream sciences have now validated what historical healers have said throughout the ages, it is our electrical properties that govern physical function and physical expression.

FNI General Philosophy

Consider this, it takes 91 days to physically develop a human in the womb after which we are just growing and adding volume. We first become self-aware during our third trimester of gestation. Our minds begin to actively sense and interact with our environment and at this point in time we are just alive, without any preconceived perceptions or prejudices. There was no fear, no pain, no self-doubt, or anxiety, or sense of importance within us when we first awoke …..we all came with a prefect set of emotional pre-sets.

The subconscious is the innate intelligence within us and is the receptacle of all our genetic and epigenetic inheritance, memories and reflexes along with our current perceptions. Our subconscious actively and continually modifies our neurology, physiology and anatomy based on our ongoing inputs.

Consider our neurological, physiological and anatomical development, when you think of the influences between our nurture and nature, it is the interface between these two influences that represent our actual gene expression or “Epigenetics”. Therefore, all gene expression is controlled by the subconscious, then modified by conscious emotional experience throughout our life.

When did I first identify myself as myself and how long are our formative years?

For most of us the “I am” occurs around the age of 2 years old and our first 6 years of life are our most dependent and hence the most critical, however as we become independent all experiences throughout our lives’ will continually modify us.

If you can consider that all living creatures as very fancy bioelectric and biochemical bio computers. And these bio computers have their own operating system, that is constantly learning, perceiving, interacting and assigning values to all types of internal and external stimulations.

Is it possible to deliberately act upon this natural process and reset damaged values and reflexes back to original? And by deliberately resetting our core values and reflexes will this influence my day-to-day physical function, structure, immune responses, neurological function and gene expression?

I am here to say yes and actively demonstrate it!

Learning how to deliberately communicate and work with our innate bio computer directly is a very safe and powerful way to correct function. Our body’s subconscious intelligence is the best pharmacologist / physiologist you can ever consult with and serves us perfectly with no unnatural chemical toxicities.

Where is the medical proof of the power of the subconscious?

Numerous sciences have been developed and have studied the subconscious, Epigenetics meaning “above genetics” studies gene switching and how it can be used to control health and wellness, no matter what genes you inherited.

Traditional “Hypnosis”, medically recognized since 1774 by Franz Mesmer demonstrated the magnetic effects subconscious direction and more recent Neurolinguistics all medically recognized to alter to form and function.

Additionally, medical establishments have been documenting and proving for it over 70 years, that the mind can heal the body.

Clinical institutions have miss-labelled this subconscious intelligence as the “Placebo Effect” and it is a thorn in the side of the medical establishment since modern medicine emerged. It is an inconvenient truth that the body can and does repair itself without chemical or surgical intervention and gets in the way of new treatments, surgeries and it considered if anything a problem.

……..In fact, I was recently chagrined to learn that drug companies are studying patients who respond to sugar pills with the goal of eliminating them from early clinical trials. It inevitably disturbs pharmaceutical manufacturers that in most of their clinical trials the placebos, the “fake” drugs, prove to be as effective as their engineered chemical cocktails . (Greenberg 2003) Though the drug companies insist they’re not trying to make it easier for ineffective drugs to get approved, it is clear that effectiveness of placebo pills is a threat to the pharmaceutical industry. The message from the drug companies is clear to me: if you can’t beat placebo pills fairly, simply remove the competition! ………..Though the question of how placebos work has in the main been ignored by medicine, recently some mainstream medical researchers are turning their attention to it.

Lipton Ph.D., Bruce H. (2008-09-15). The Biology of Belief (p. 108). Hay House. Kindle Edition.

Lipton Ph.D., Bruce H. (2008-09-15). The Biology of Belief (pp. 107-108).

Truth is we are the placebo, and the only thing missing is a completely noninvasive trigger to the subconscious to self-repair. Clinical drugs trial therefore represent an accidental glimpse into a world of subconscious possibility and epigenetic switching.

Understandably, modern science needs to benchmark developing medications and procedures and many wonderful discoveries have resulted however it is hard to believe this biological constant isn’t being embraced of even used along side medical treatments to enhance results. If anything, our own subconscious repair system is considered competition and at worst deceptive.

Even sadder is are stories of people walking into a clinics with an mild ache, then be diagnosed with a serious condition, given a prognosis, only to go home and decay rapidly. Similarly the “Nocebo Effect” is equally as powerful, if the subconscious accepts a negative imprint the health of the person will decay and disease will manifest and accelerate.

Actually, knowing whether a placebo or drug is being taken has little effect on this subconscious phenomenon, in fact it improves it! In a typical drug trial, a drug placebo is intentionally given blindly to test drug effectiveness. The drug placebo is between 18-80% effective and provides un-intentional empirical proof that our innate intelligence can be influenced to self-heal even if accidentally stimulated.

Using key subconscious processes, we effectively and deliberately direct this subconscious self-healing phenomenon to maximize growth and repair of an individual. Muscle test responses are a direct link to the sub-conscious and provide real time feedback.

A Validated Example of the Subconscious Intelligence

The Spontaneous Remission Project (2), is a database compiled by the Institute of Noetic Sciences of over 3500 case studies in the medical literature of patients that have spontaneous recovered from seemingly incurable illness. If you are interested review it will change your mind on the seemingly impossible. You will see remission reports on stage four cancers, HIV positive patients becoming negative, kidney failure, heart disease, diabetes, high blood pressure, thyroid disease, autoimmune diseases, respiratory diseases, digestive diseases, etc gone without conventional treatment. Our innate ability to heal our physiology is real and measurable we just need to nurture and facilitate it correctly to direct it.

The Total Health Philosophy

Very simply the overview of Total Health’s principles is as follows:

  • All subconscious or autonomic system activity begins with the union of the first two halves of the original cell.
  • The subconscious or autonomic system controls and remembers everything regardless of self-conscious involvement or interference.
  • Self-conscious or cortical responses are readily overridden by fight or flight reflexes.
  • Conscious thinking is based on subconscious constructs and programs based on our learning and experiences
  • Classic cognitive therapies are less effective against subconscious reflexes. All habits are sub-conscious processes.
  • All cells within the body regardless of form or function are holographic copies of the original cell.
  • The evolution of the single cell to the developed adult entity follows a set and consistent program of development.
  • When the entity becomes conscious, the conscious development mirrors the physical developmental program. This continues throughout the life of the individual.
  • All biological life is innately wired to survive and if challenged will sacrifice form and function to maintain vital core functions, this directly relates too and challenges our perception of being healthy. Being healthy therefore is a target and not a biological default.
  • Given the right information, signaling and resources’, the autonomic system will always optimize biological form and function, therefore the autonomic system is innately encoded for maximum potential.
  • The subconscious or autonomic system once prepared and if prompted correctly will readily provide the information necessary to reach maximum potential.
  • At to onset of self-consciousness we have a perfect set of physiological, emotional and psychological constructs, function and programs in relation to survival reflexes.
  • During the formative phase of development, our familial dogmas, cultures and social nurture creates situational constructs, these constructs do not necessarily support optimum health or function.

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(2) The Spontaneous Remission Report