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The scope of autonomic subconscious work is virtually limitless, with its potential to calibrate to any person’s system and induce a state of neuroplasticity. Whether you are looking to improve your personal development, preventative maintenance, or manage an immune system disorder, physical injury, chronic health problem, psychological trauma, or learned habits, I can help you optimize your health, concentration, learning, work, and sporting performance.


Contrary to popular belief, you are not at the mercy of your genetic code. According to the science of epigenetics, environmental factors outside of DNA can influence changes in gene expression, stem cells, and even DNA. Magnetic fields, heart coherence, positive mental states, and intention can all alter your genetic makeup. Top scientists around the world agree that genetic determinism is a flawed theory.

For further evidence, check out the article Confirmed by Science: You Really Can Change Your DNA – Here’s How, published on November 17, 2014.

At Total Health, Jason Gilbert offers a comprehensive integrative solution of tailored treatments for structural, physiological, psychological, chemical, and heavy metal poisoning, allergies, and overall performance enhancement.

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