What is PSYCH-K?

PSYCH-K allows you to quickly and painlessly change subconscious beliefs that are limiting the full expression of your potential in life. This includes your mental, emotional, physical, and spiritual well-being.


  • a non-invasive, interactive process of change with a proven record of success for over 25 years
  • a simple, yet powerful process to change subconscious beliefs that are self-limiting and self-sabotaging
  • a unique blend of various tools for change, some contemporary and some ancient, derived from contemporary neuroscience research, as well as ancient mind/body wisdom
  • a ground breaking approach to facilitating change at the subconscious level where at least 95% of our consciousness operates.
  • a process that transcends the standard methods of visualization, affirmations, will power, and positive thinking especially effective in the areas of behavioral/habit change, wellness and stress reduction

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What Psych-K is and What Psych-K Is not

FROM THE PAGES OF Bruce Lipton Ph.D (from his Book called Biology of Belief)

The science revealed in this book defines how beliefs control behavior and gene activity and, consequently, the unfolding of our lives. The chapter on Conscious Parenting describes how most of us unavoidably acquired limiting or self-sabotaging beliefs that were downloaded into our subconscious minds when we were children.

As I mentioned in that chapter, there are a variety of “energy” psychology techniques, which exploit the latest mind-body research to quickly access and reprogram those subconscious programs. Before I leave you, I’d like to talk a little about one of these energy psychology techniques called PSYCH-K because I have personal experience with it, and I am confident of its integrity, simplicity, and effectiveness.

I met Rob Williams, the originator of PSYCH-K, at a conference in 1990, where we were both presenters. As usual, at the conclusion of my presentation, I told my audience that if they changed their beliefs they could change their lives. It was a familiar conclusion with a familiar response from the participants: “Well, Bruce, that’s great, but how do we do that?”

In those days I didn’t fully realize the crucial role the subconscious mind plays in the change process. Instead, I relied mostly on trying to power through negative behavior using positive thinking and willpower. I knew, though, that I had had only limited success in making personal changes in my own life. I also knew that when I offered this solution, the energy in the room dropped like a lead balloon. It seems my sophisticated audiences had, like me, already tried willpower and positive thinking with limited success!

As fate would have it, I returned to my seat, and looked up to see that the next presenter was psychotherapist Rob Williams. Rob’s opening remarks quickly had the entire audience on the edge of our seats. In his introduction, Rob stated that PSYCH-K can change long-standing, limiting beliefs in a matter of minutes.

Rob then asked the audience if there was anyone who would like to address an issue that had been troubling them. One woman caught both Rob’s and my attention. She raised her hand tentatively, first up, then down, then up again. Her timidity was palpable. When Rob asked what her issue was, her face turned red and her response was inaudible. Rob actually had to leave the podium and confer with her, one-on-one. It was Rob who had to inform the audience that her problem was “speaking in public.” Rob returned to the stage and the woman hesitantly followed. Rob asked her to tell the audience of nearly a hundred people a bit about her fear. Again she could hardly speak.

Rob worked with the woman for about 10 minutes, using one of the PSYCH-K change techniques. Then he again asked the woman to tell the audience how she felt about speaking to them. The change was astonishing. Not only was she visibly more relaxed, she began talking to the audience in an excited, yet confident voice. The eyes of the conference attendees became like saucers and their mouths dropped as this woman took over the stage for the next five minutes. The woman got so carried away that Rob had to ask her to stop speaking and take her seat so he could finish his presentation!

Because this woman was a regular attendee at an annual conference, and I was a frequent presenter, I was able to witness her amazing transformation over the next several years. She not only had gotten over her fear of public speaking, but even went on to organize Toast Masters in her community. Eventually, she became an award-winning public speaker! This woman’s life was truly transformed in just a few minutes. In the fifteen years since I witnessed that woman’s quick transformation, I have seen other people rapidly improve their self-esteem and change their relationships, their finances, and their health using PSYCH-K.

The PSYCH-K process is simple, direct , and verifiable. It utilizes the mind/ body interface of muscle testing (kinesiology) that I first discovered in a student-chiropractor’s makeshift office in the Caribbean, to access the self-limiting “files” of the subconscious mind. It also makes use of left brain/ right brain integration techniques to effect swift and long-lasting changes. In addition, PSYCH-K integrates Spirit into the change process, just as I have integrated Spirit into my understanding of Science. Using muscle testing, PSYCH-K accesses what Rob calls the “superconscious” mind to make sure that the person’s stated goals are safe and appropriate. These built-in safeguards allow this system of personal change to be taught to anyone who is interested in taking charge of their lives by moving out of fear and into love. I use PSYCH-K in my own life. PSYCH -K has helped me undo my self-limiting beliefs, including one about not being able to finish my book. The fact that you are holding this book is one indication of the power of PSYCH-K! I also lecture regularly with Rob. Instead of offering positive thinking and willpower at the end of my lectures, I instead happily turn audiences over to Rob. While this book is about the New Biology, I believe that PSYCH-K represents an important step toward the New Psychology for the 21st century and beyond.

You can find more information about PSYCH-K at Rob’s website: www.psych-k.com

Lipton Ph.D., Bruce H. (2008-09-15). The Biology of Belief . Hay House. Kindle Edition.


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