Physical, Mental and Emotional Health using Manual Muscle Testing techniques.

The scope of subconscious optimization work is virtually limitless and very potent, is only limited to the ability to gently calibrate to any person system. By mutually inducing the required state of neuroplasticity into that system over a given duration to achieve the desired results. Manual muscle testing provides a window into into the world of functional medicine that cognitive methods can not which is non-traumatic and relaxing.  

On offer is a chance to enter into a gentle and  integrated somatic approach to mental, emotional and physical (continuous improvement) wellness system for all people of all ages and backgrounds. Where we optimize health and wellness by strengthening and streamlining using manual muscle testing (MMT) to profile and correct the process of disfunction not the condition. This is a very useful and cutting-edge Psycho-neuro-physiological (Mind-Body medicine) approach to health and wellness ensuring the highest optimization of automatic nervous system function. Using a very individualized and structured approach to total health.

Logically your bodies autonomic maintenance system can only address an issue if you have the appropriate level of autonomic awareness of it.

This work is a beneficial option for some of those medically idiopathic (of unknown origin) Structural, Functional and immune conditions by optimizing the subconscious awareness the person and highly effective option for those stubborn and persistent psychological and behavioral conditions.  

Curious? So ask, drop in, send us a message with any questions or requests and let’s get started. There is nothing to lose. It is a fun and relaxed process. 

Adaption is a natural and healthy process of life. Both positive and negative adaption occurs continuously throughout our life through our experience and habits. Skills in any form, can and will create much compensatory and maladaptation’s within us, many of which go unchecked and below our level of consciousness.

Maladaptation occurs at every age and results in a reduction in our form, function, and sense of wellbeing. Left unchecked combined stresses can become a pathology. Many types of pathologies are reversible as long as the maladaptation’s are removed effectively.

Approximately 95% of your conscious awareness is spent under subconscious control, not including the 100% of our autonomic system working tirelessly in the background. Our cognition and consciousness must be therefore is based the precognitive reflexes provided from our sub-consciousness and the simulated reality that we use to measure the world around us.

The mind and body are subconsciously driven by many learned automatic programs that govern your physiology, emotional reactions, and spiritual expression.

Sustained wellness and healing and changes come from the intangible and subconscious 95% within our central nervous system. Continued health and wellness require making the subconscious tangible and having a way to modify and measure it.


 For physical relief and greater peace of mind with a fully integrated, seamless approach to Mind/Body medicine involving rapid subconscious reprogramming and functional physiology corrections.

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Frequently Asked Questions

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Frequently Asked Questions  

Welcome to one of the most comprehensive and effective one on one wellness and recovery process. Specialised in tracing physical root cause while targeting and resetting perceptual, behavioural and physical triggers that keep us trapped in patterns of sickness, injury and dysfunction.eye-dna

Let’s face it.  It only takes a match to trigger a bush fire, however you may need a huge team of specialised fire engines and fire fighters to put the fire out unless the climate brings rain. Each of us has our own internal climate and unique triggers, this work is about changing our internal climate, removing the matches and putting out fires as naturally as possible.

Sometimes we just get stuck, doesn’t matter how much medication, meditation, personal self improvement either physical, mental, emotional or spiritual work we do, we are just stuck and things just don’t seem to get any better.

That’s where this work helps, I will systematically reset the physical issues while neurologically teaching, calibrating your nervous system looking for any perceived subconscious weakness and then correct them as we find them.

Simply, we will look at the whole person as a highly organised self-learning biological computer, driven by core reflexes and learned perceptions and reactions. This means if you have any condition there is a high probability you have learnt how to do it, how to create it and sustain it which is not your fault as we are constantly being acted upon by the world around us. 

This work is about resetting that learnt reflex or perception behaviour thereby changing the individuals physical expression safely and permanently. I have personally seen some absolute wonders and astounding transformations from seemly impossible acute and chronic situations with this combination of work and I am sincerely committed too and respect each person that engages it.  

“Jason Gilbert is passionate about his work and has a great depth of knowledge and experience in the holistic health field. He works in an individualized manner, employing cutting edge techniques appropriate to each person he works with. Jason’s treatments are particularly effective with imbalance and dis-ease of an emotional (neurological) origin, and I regularly refer my clients to him.”

Keith Harvey- Mind-Body Muscle Therapist / Director of Bioformulations Ltd.

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Frequently Asked Questions