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I practice as a gentle technique Kinesiologist using a  combination of Total Body Modification (TBM), Functional Neuro-Physiological Integration (FNI) and Psych-K Kinesiology. All three disciplines are interdependent they don’t require each other however together they greatly enhance treatment response.

This is a biodynamic practice offers very unique insights and influence on how the living body functions and I am continually surprised on its range of application and results. It seem that any information we perceive holds a value within each of us and the value of that information is readily testable using these techniques.

I completed a degree in Human Physiology and minor in Psychology in 1999, mechanical engineering 1992 and general engineering in 1990 and continue to study key areas of interest . I also an accomplished multi-disciplinary engineer, manager, healthcare kinesiology practitioner, father and husband and lives in West Auckland New Zealand with his beautiful wife Annika and gorgeous son Max.

My interest in Physical health and rehabilitation is a personal one In 1988 I had a crippling lower back injury that ended my engineering career at the time and was left barely able to move.

Surprisingly conventional medical treatment at the time was far from kind and didn’t add a lot of support to my recovery. I was prescribed heavy painkillers that blocked some symptoms, however, created others and reduced my brain to a clouded mush and the physical therapy at the time only aggravated the injuries.

I decided to look forward and retrain, furthering my qualifications as I was healing, cutting my medication I had to manage my pain without pharmaceutical assistance, I used to have to stand and work, only able to sit for short periods while studying and typically after a three hour exam would often vomit from the pain and nausea. Needless to say, it took a lot of tenacity and commitment.

I discovered a Chiropractor who at our consultation spoke of chiropractic health philosophy that resonated with me. He promised me nothing other than an opportunity to optimize my body’s awareness by improving the conduction of nerve activity up and down my body from brain to body and back again thus allowing the body’s own innate intelligence to heal optimally.

He, of course, x-rayed my spine and with his help, insights, analysis and practical skills identified my core structural issues and addressed them. I don’t think I ever sincerely thanked him at the time, so to all chiropractors with the standards of the same practice you have my most profound respect and gratitude.

I started re-developing very unique and specific self-directed mental and meditative exercises that both designed for pain relief and physical regeneration. Within six months, two and a half years from my original injury I stood, I sat; I moved pain-free and without restriction. A combined and balanced approach to my physiology, neurology, and psycho-kinetics was the key to my recovery and having the right assistance was also vital.

After my injury in 1988, my passion for both engineering and natural health grew together “As I progressed in my Engineering career I was fascinated with parallels between mechanical, electrical and software engineering and human physiology, neurology and psychology.”

In 1996 I decided to follow my interest and gained entry into the Chiropractic School program in Auckland where I studied at Auckland University until the completion of my BSc degree in Human Physiology and minoring in Psychology. I studied and loved the chiropractic philosophy and principles it stands for, I remember someone saying….. You are your nervous system if you could remove all the skin, bones and muscle, it is still you! Absolutely, more importantly, the energy and force that resides within our nervous system that holds our form.

What about this force and energy working directly on the educated mind to improve the quality of the messages circulating between mind and body and between environment and person. If one could learn how to change perceptions at as many levels as possible and you can change and influence just about anything within the living systems.

Mix in the best practice in physical therapies and abracadabra you have one very potent system of change. Well, that was my conclusion anyway! I left the  Chiropractic program in 2000 and pursued this bio-dynamic form of study and practice until I decided to return back to study in 2016.  I now work full time as an FNI / TBM / Psyche-K Kinesiologist in my own practice in West Auckland.


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