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Jason Gilbert and family

We use muscle testing techniques to understand how we perceive the world within ourselves. We combine Total Body Modification (TBM), Functional Neuro-Physiological Integration (FNI), and Psych-K Kinesiology to address psychological aspects of health. These techniques are interdependent and enhance treatment response.

Our biodynamic practice offers unique insights and influence on how the body functions. Any information we perceive holds a value within us, and we can test its importance using these techniques.

Our founder, an accomplished multi-disciplinary engineer, manager, and healthcare kinesiology practitioner, suffered a severe lower back injury in 1988. Traditional medical treatment did not help, so he sought alternative approaches to manage his pain and heal his body. He discovered chiropractic philosophy and principles, which led him to develop unique self-directed mental and physical exercises for pain relief and regeneration.

After studying Human Physiology and Psychology and learning about the nervous system, he became fascinated with the parallels between engineering and human physiology, neurology, and psychology. He pursued this bio-dynamic form of study and practice and now works full time as an FNI/TBM/Psyche-K Kinesiologist in his own practice in West Auckland.

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