Testimonials and Recommendations

Word of mouth, is always the best testimonial there is! We know this technology and methodology works it has been tried, tested and refined over many years. Each person response however is unique some effects are fast and dramatic while others are slower and progressive.

The use of testimonials is discouraged by various regulatory bodies as they have the potential to project unrealistic expectations for those seeking help. This is not the intent below are a just a few received testimonials and reviews, would love to add yours.

Client Reviews


16 February 2024 5:16

I have been seeing Jason for a couple of years now and he has helped in truly transforming my life in the best possible way. His absolute skill is working uniquely with not only the emotional body but psychologically and neurologically to balance body and mind. The change it has bought to my life is incredible. I love that each session is different and that he works with what is needed on the day. Jason provides a safe place to be where you can totally relax into the unique process. You are brilliant Jason. Thank you so much. I can’t recommend you highly enough. You are life changing.,

Jessica Martin
26 January 2024 17:16

Hi started seeing Jason in 2019 after being diagnosed with breast cancer. I can’t rate him highly enough.
I did both conventional treatments and alternative such as Vitamin C infusions amongst a raft others, but I have often said to people if I had to pick one thing it would be Jason’s treatments.
He has not only worked on my cancer but on a number of other underlying issues with me including insomnia, sinus issues and others. It has been nothing short of life changing!
I have recommended so many friends and family to him. He has a warm demeanor that immediately puts you at ease, and is so knowledgeable in both the scientific field and many healing modalities. I recommend you give him a try.

26 January 2024 6:37

In 2021, I sought Jason’s expertise for eczema-related concerns, and the results were remarkable. Through our sessions, we identified root causes, leading to a significant alleviation of my eczema, which has not recurred since. Beyond this, I continue to see Jason to address trauma, emotions, and to deconstruct certain beliefs that had developed over time. This process has allowed me to embrace my authentic self. What was once hidden in my unconscious mind is now brought into consciousness.he is a genuinely kind person, making the entire experience feel incredibly natural.

25 January 2024 18:36

I’ve been consulting with Jason for several years now, and it’s fair to say he’s become a key part of my monthly routine. He’s been instrumental in tackling my allergies, but more than that, he’s a cornerstone in helping me manage stress and maintain focus amidst the high demands of my C-Suite role.

What’s particularly impressive about Jason is his dynamic approach to healing. Each session is unique, reflecting his commitment to continuous learning and tailoring treatments to his patients’ needs.

I wholeheartedly recommend giving Jason a try. His approach could very well be the change you’re looking for.

25 January 2024 13:25

Jason is a very professional, respectful, and dedicated practitioner who is always striving to develop and streamline more efficient and effective ways of treating his clients. I can say that his work has been truly transformative in my life. He can ingeniously move across the physical, neurological and psychological realms with me to identify deep underlying issues that I had no idea in fact were issues that were preventing me from moving forward. He has amazing talent – where I feel totally balanced. It is like he does a deep clean on your emotional, neurological, and psychological being. I would recommend Jason to anyone seeking out a fantastic result driven kinesiologist.

14 January 2024 19:39

Jason is incredible. After my first session with him, I felt immediately better. Friends commented on my change in demeanor, to much happier and more relaxed. His techniques helped me to feel the calmest and most centered I ever have in my life. I’ve dealt with anxiety and panic attacks since my mid teens. Since working with Jason, I’ve never experienced a panic attack again. Jason also helped me to work out some deeply rooted issues and let go of thoughts and feelings that were holding me back. I’d describe his process as helping me to “clear out the cobwebs” so I could finally crack on with my life! Jason’s easy humour and down to earth demeanor made it very easy to open up to him. I felt comfortable around him from the very first session. He also takes the time to explain his process to you. Could not recommend Jason highly enough! Thank you for everything, Jason!

Kassie Watson
19 December 2023 18:21

I was recommended to see Jason almost 2 years ago to help with my chronic vertigo condition Menieres Disease. It had got to an advanced stage and I was in a bad way, worried I would not be safe to drive any longer (I’m only 47yrs), as I would suffer spontaneous falls at any time and I’ve injured myself during them. I also suffered anxiety, chronic insomnia and back issues. After about 9 months of seeing Jason my vertigo had drastically improved and now I’d say I’m recovered from it as I rarely get any vertigo and if I do from stress they are micro events lasting only a minute or two, rather than hours of spinning/vomiting or spontaneous drop attacks. I feel way less stressed and my anxiety is gone, insomnia is gone, back is consistently great and only ever need slight tweaks. I used to feel a sense of heaviness and clutter in my mind from years of negative beliefs and past stresses/traumas. All that feels gone and I feel more present and not weighed down. And I feel happy. When I first started seeing him I truly felt like life sucked and I was struggling to get by in survival mode. Now I feel myself and at peace with life.
Jason is actually amazing at what he does. The hardest treatment/practitioner to try explain to someone, but he can work his magic on anything and I highly recommend him. He’s my one-stop-shop for my health and resetting can be now done in just one session with him and I walk out feeling great. Jason has a gift and I’ll be forever grateful to him for transforming my health. Thank you Jason.

19 December 2023 13:53

For some years now, I have been going to Jason for trauma-based work. He has helped me peel back the layers and become a calmer, more centred human being. The techniques he has developed over time are surprisingly effective, and allow the body and mind to process deeply held physical and emotional pain. His manner is structured, methodical and built on many years of understanding how the brain and body processes/stores thoughts and feelings. His manner is calm, sensitive and reassuring – he has been a beacon to me through many of life’s storms and helped me more than words can express. I can’t recommend him highly enough.

19 December 2023 11:24

Jason is just amazing. I cannot recommend him highly enough. Everything has fallen into place for me this year thanks to the work we have done. No more anxiety, I feel calm and clear and am so grateful. Jason provides a safe and supportive environment where you can truly become the best form of you. Everyone needs something like this to get through tough times but also for our day to day well-being.

Madison Ennis
18 December 2023 17:07

Highly recommend Jason from total health kinesiology

I can not thank Jason enough for his help. His positive impact on my well being has been life changing. Jason’s nature is very calm and his safe environment allowed me to work though my hardest challenges in my life. Thank you for giving me my purpose back.

Chris James
12 December 2023 8:28

My life is better for this therapy.
I have a connection that was previously hidden from me
A knowing
Everyone should be doing this work
Jason is an assured facilitator of this process
I feel safe & held in his space
I recommend this to everyone because no matter where you’re at on your journey it will increase your awareness around who you know yourself to be

11 December 2023 19:43

I can’t thank Jason enough for his support over the past year. His incredible work has helped me release years of anxiety and overwhelm. I have become clearer, stronger emotionally and physically, at 51 years old I couldn’t be in a better place, at a time where many women at my age have severe menopausal systems I am balanced and fit. I highly recommend Jason, who’s supportive and gentle manner ensures you feel safe taking this journey to a better you, inside and out.

26 February 2022 21:12

I highly recommend Jason not only due to the effectiveness of his sessions but for his unassuming manner. He has helped me where conventional medical intervention has not. Months of heart palpitations gone after a few sessions with him, and then a great help with ongoing breathing issues, tight chest and pain after the covid-19 vaccination.

ASD (Autistic Spectrum Disorder)

I have an 8-yr old ASD daughter who has sensory issues to touch (only wears ONE particular outfit) and has violent, physical and aggressive meltdowns (mainly aimed at me). Basically she lives her life in fight/flight mode and I live my life walking on eggshells trying to avoid the next meltdown but also waiting for it each day.

We have tried occupational therapists, behavioral therapists, speech and language therapists, play therapist. I haven’t tried psychologists or medication yet. However 4 weeks ago I started taking her to see Jason. We have had 4 sessions so far and WOW!!!!

I don’t even recognize my daughter!!!! She is calm, relaxed, happy, more grounded and accepting of changes. She does what she’s asked without hesitation. She has even bought new clothes this week and worn them!!!! An absolute miracle!!!!

I was extremely skeptical and always rely on medication – not the holistic way but OMG what a difference it’s made to our lives.

I was prepared to give it a try and I’m so pleased I did.

My mum has recently had my daughter for a two night sleepover and she also can’t believe the positive changes.

I was experiencing daily meltdowns a month ago and last night was our first physical and violent meltdown in a month. Lucky for me I had a session booked for my daughter today and this afternoon she was back to being happy and joyful.

I cannot stay quiet about this – anyone with ASD or behavioral issues or anything really MUST try this.

Theresa Harvey (2021)

Chemical Toxicity Disorders/ Kidney Disease

In 2003 we came to NZ from Europe  as a young family, full of dreams and plans,  with a 4 months old baby who unfortunately  became sick rapidly, all related -as later research proved- to the spraying against  apple moth in West Auckland in 2003.

Our baby developed a very rare kidney disease, with lots of ongoing problems and not a very optimistic future. With no local support from families or friends, as fresh immigrants, we learned to trust the medical team at Starship. They were the only help for us and remained for years and years, until the frustration caused by the ‘wait and see’ approach we were using grew to desperation, watching our son’s health  deteriorating with every season and listening to the team talk about sombre perspectives.

After days and nights of readings and research, talking and listening  to people, I learnt about alternative and complementary medicine. Kinesiology was one set of methods we tried with success. The first clinic we came across became too expensive as money and time. God heard our prayers and sent us Jason, close to our home and more affordable. But most of all, caring, passionate and very skilled.  The results of his approach were quick to be seen. Not only the blood tests showed an improvement in all the body functions, but overall our son’s life changed rapidly. More laughter, better sleep, less anxieties, less stress, more joy and happiness is how I would describe this.

I noticed Jason’s ability to work on many levels, and this is how I decided to try it on myself. Jason addressed a few emotional issues, as well as physical ones, and helped me balance my own life. He took the time to explain me what was happening and I noticed the passion Jason has for FNI and this ‘total-health’ science. Jason has a huge knowledge and a capacity to integrate it all. Every few months he is able to try a new technique and to tell you what he learnt lately. I learnt about the body as able to heal itself, also how toxins or viruses can hinder that, what effect my emotions could have in this process and what remedies I could use to ease this whole transformation. Jason helped me optimise my overall wellbeing.

We all feel safe in his caring hands and we recommend Jason with all our hearts and minds.

Diana A- Glen Eden,

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Pregnancy and Auto Immune Disorder

“I am so grateful for finding Jason!  Having conceived straight away with our first child, we had been trying for a second baby for two years when I came across Jason through a friend’s recommendation.  While we were able to fertilise, I could not implant successfully – each time becoming sick with flu type symptoms until the egg was rejected.  I had seen a number of different practitioners over the two years we had been trying, and while my health improved over this time, no one was able to get onto why I was rejecting the fertilised egg.  After just two months with Jason I discovered I was pregnant!  I am now thirty two weeks pregnant and in great health. 

With Jason’s help I have also had relief from the symptoms associated with a rare form of neuritis (an auto immune disorder) I developed approximately five years ago.  Previously these symptoms of nerve pain and skin numbness were a part of life when I was under any stress – whether emotional or physical.

I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend Jason to anyone wanting to improve or enhance their emotional or physical health.  Jason is caring, supportive and above all else passionate about what he does.  Thank you Jason for such an amazing gift!! 

Janine Irvin

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Thyroid Disorder (Hyperthyroid, Graves Disease)

Jason is an exceptional holistic practitioner.

He has an innate ability to unlock the deep underlying cause of the problem and through his knowledge, techniques and unique approach to healing, he enables the body to heal itself.

Jason has literally transformed my health and wellbeing, achieving for me what my conventional doctors said was not possible.

When I met Jason, I was suffering from acute symptoms of Graves Disease – Hyperthyroidism. I was prescribed a cocktail of drugs to help ease the anxiety, insomnia, elevated heart rate and palpitations, weight loss, hand tremors and heightened body temperature. My doctors’ recommendation for the next stage of treatment was ingesting Radio Active Iodine to remove my thyroid completely.  This ‘inevitable’ next step caused me to seek out alternative treatments and Jason was recommended through a friend.

Over the six months of being in Jason’s care, my symptoms have disappeared. In conjunction with regular appointments with Jason I have eliminated refined sugar from my diet, which has seen me come off my medication and my blood tests now reveal a normalized thyroid function. To top it off, I feel great!

Thank you so much Jason – you have fundamentally changed the course of my life.


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Crohns Disease, Ulcerative Procticis, Irritable Bowel Syndrome (IBS)

Upon returning from my OE in the UK 11yrs ago I was diagnosed with Ulcerative Procticis and told it was unlikely to develop into anything worse. Then a year later it had developed into Colitice and then another year on full blown Crohns disease which I have had to live with for the past 9yrs.

I have always preferred using alternative medicine for most things if possible but it seemed that Crohns was not going to allow me to head this way until a friend had been discussing my condition with a colleague who gave me contact details of a kinesiologist and said if he doesn’t see progress he would personally refund the cost I incurred to try the treatment!!! How could I resist, I was desperate and at rock bottom so gave it ago in conjunction with my specialist treatment.

For 5yrs I have been treated using kinesiology and have had great results.  So much so that I was able to come off all drugs which my specialist highly disagreed with and advised me that I would relapse without the standard concoction of steroids and maintenance immune suppressants.  He was right I did relapse at times but chose to stick with the kinesiology as had seen the results previously.

Over time I felt we were only treating the condition on the surface and not getting to the bottom of the problem.

I had become really ill again, so much so the Gastro doctors where talking about removing my large intestine. This was when I was introduced to Jason, he was new to the clinic and had some other ideas of how we could tackle this sometimes debilitating disease.  I was keen and so we started a rather vigorous treatment programme which sometimes worked and sometimes didn’t but it was always going to be trial and error and take a lot of patience from both myself and Jason.

At this time I resisted going back on medication knowing that if I went back I would never know for sure if it was the drugs or the kinesiology.

Myself and my wife wanted to conceive and did not want to do this while I was on a cocktail of drugs.  We can now honestly say that what Jason has done for us is not short of a miracle.  I have now been completely drug free since August 2011, have a beautiful baby boy who is about to turn 2 in August and another wee boy on the way.

Due to this treatment I have been able to pin point certain foods/drinks that set me back if I over indulge in them including sugar and alcohol.  It has taken a lot of time and patience but I am now able to lead a very healthy life with the odd over indulgence knowing that I may suffer a little for a day or two afterwards which is fine compared to months or even years prior to this.

If things do take longer than a couple of days to rectify themselves I know to see Jason asap, getting onto it quickly is my preventative medication now :0)

We will always be forever grateful for your help and hope that my story will maybe encourage others to take this path rather than the drugs which have only ever masked the true underlying problem.

If anyone is still sceptical about this then I am more than happy to personally speak to them.

Brad G

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Infertility, Menstration, Trauma recovery, Emotional remodelling, Structure, Hormonal imbalances, ETC

I first met Jason at his sons 2nd birthday, a group of us were standing around discussing fertility issues and I mentioned that I had not ovulated since a late miscarriage four months prior. Jason began talking to me about kinesiology and suggested that I come in for a session or two. I was pretty sceptical but willing to give it a go as had little to lose. That decision has changed my life.

I had a difficult childhood with a very abusive father and multiple health issues. I thought that I had dealt with these, through years of counselling and other therapies, and that I was a very functioning and together person. Turns out I was just holding it all together, very well, with a very fine string. Over the next six or so months Jason and I used his program to bring forward and deal with my past, resolving things that I had been unaware had ongoing impacts in my life. As the work evolved I have become a calmer, more focused person.

My reactions are much more proportionate to the situation and things overwhelm me far less often. I am no longer afraid of the dark, afraid of being alone, afraid of not being liked or good enough. I am no longer a jumpy person; I used to get frights if people spoke to me out of turn or opened a door even after I was the one who rang the bell! My relationships with my sisters has improved immensely, I am now reasonably close to my older sister who I used to speak to only at family gatherings. My thinking is clearer and my memory has also improved. Surprisingly my posture also improved significantly after the first few treatments. The changes in myself and mind have been more profound than anything that has occurred through the conventional therapies I have tried.

After a couple of months we found out that I was also pregnant which opened my treatments to a whole new world of Kinesiology. I suffered from hyperemesis and was admitted to hospital at 8 weeks. The doctors loaded me with every antiemetic that was safe to take in pregnancy and I left still feeling horrendously nauseous just no longer vomiting. I saw Jason a few days later and 15mins into the session no longer felt sick and no longer required any of the medication I had been prescribed.

With Jason’s assistance I had a dream pregnancy. I wore my wedding ring right up until I delivered my son as I had no oedema. I suffered at most a few days of very minor reflux in the last days of my pregnancy, when it was a physical issue he could resolve. He kept my pelvis in line so that even though my pubis symphosis had almost completely disengaged I continued to walk without pain. Jason worked on sleeping issues and body clock issues so that even at the very end of my pregnancy, while remaining well hydrated, I was not needing to get up to go to the toilet at night and as still sleeping reasonably well. Jason dealt with my fears surrounding the birth and to deal with issues that had scarred me mentally from my daughter’s birth, so that the birth of my son was one of the most amazing and empowering experiences of my life. Through Kinesiology I had a beautiful, healthy and completely natural pregnancy and birth.

Five months into the pregnancy my husband had a mental health crisis and Jason once again stepped in to aid our family. Jason helped my husband through the crisis without medication. And has managed to deal with and heal some deep set issues that had been causing so many problems and pain in his and our lives. My husband is now a much happier and relaxed person than he has ever been before. Little things don’t bother him in the way that they used to and he is able to prioritise life in a much better way. He is now more capable of being the Dad he always wanted to be to our children and the bond between him and our daughter has grown immensely due to this.

I have immense respect for the work that Jason does and the gifts that he has given to our family in the form of our amazing son, my husband’s mental health, and the healing from my past enabling me to become the person I always wanted and hoped to be, are immeasurable. I would urge anyone to seek his assistance no matter how small or irrelevant the issue may seem you never know how much it could change your Life.

Beth S

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Trauma recovery and Fertility

I came to see Jason as I had heard of other success stories of him helping women with fertility issues. I had trouble conceiving and I had also experienced a miscarriage. I wanted to find out more about Kinesiology as I didn’t really understand it. I attended a free short presentation on how it all works which I found very useful and interesting.

The experience I had with Jason was amazing and life changing. The treatments felt like a journey of releasing the grief I was retaining and working through processes to ultimately feeling repaired and in a state of calmness and peace. Prior to seeing Jason it felt like my body was in overdrive and not working as it should. After just a couple of treatments I felt more relaxed and at peace with the grief I had over my miscarriage.

I fell pregnant after only a few treatments and I put it all down to how Jason helped my body get in a really calm relaxed state and letting nature take its course.

We were blessed with a beautiful healthy girl June 2013.

I share my experience with many people because I found it so amazing. I understand how the journey of fertility can be a difficult one and it can quite simply take over your life. I would highly recommend Kinesiology as a form of treatment to get your body working as it should be, after all, it is completely drug free so it cannot be harmful in any way.

Anna J

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Digestive Reflux

My daughter was four months old when we stumbled across TBM. She had been having a major issue with constipation. I had been to see our doctor regarding this but she said this was normal and that she would grow out of it. She was already regularly seeing a chiropractor and after each adjustment she would have a motion but not in between, it was only temporarily fixing the problem. So we met Jason at a family party and after hearing our story said he could help. After the first TBM session she was improved, after four she was a different baby. We are both having TBM sessions now and things have improved dramatically. What a great treatment! Highly recommended. 

Micaela T

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Inflammatory Arthritis, Chronic fatigue

“I was recommended to Jason in 2011 and not having tried TBM, I thought I would like to see first hand how TBM worked.  As I work with babies/toddlers and mothers I do tend to use alternative medicine as much as possible along side medical treatments.

I had approximately  4 sessions of TBM, which I found helped with Inflammatory Arthritis, chronic fatigue.”

Dorothy Waide of Dororthy Waide Consultancy | Baby Within Limited

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Personal development and Emotional recovery

The work Jason and I have done has resulted in my being able to feel a sense of freedom, calmness, confidence and relief.

I have gained an understanding of myself and my previous reactions to situations. The clearing of deeply buried emotions and triggers has eliminated the ongoing negative affects stressing various organs in the body, which in turn had attracted undesirable situations in my life. This has enabled me to move forward in my life in wonderful ways.

Jason’s sincerity and commitment to the work he does is undeniable.  His manner toward me is always caring and respectful. He is willing to answer any questions, and offers explanations while working. I am grateful for the changes Jason’s work has made to my life, and I recommend Jason to you.

-Jenny Kearns

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Skin Conditions and General Health

Hi Jason pleased to say that your recommendation to drink at least 2.5 litres of water a day has worked a treat – my skin has improved immensely!

It has been a challenge but I did what you said; for a month I drank the required amount and haven’t looked back.  In fact, my sleeping has improved (like you said it would) which has made a big impact on the appearance of my skin. I also wanted to share with you this article I found on twitter a few weeks ago which sums up your reasoning nicely 🙂            : http://solvingnutrition.com/29-benefits-of-drinking-water/.

My experience is something I want to elaborate and share on my blog and if you don’t mind.

Biggest thanks,

Lydia Thomsen

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To Whom It May Concern:

Re; Jason Gilbert

Dear Sir/Madam

This is to certify that Jason Gilbert has worked at Real Health Clinic Takapuna and Milford as a TBM Practitioner, Functional Kinesiologist and Psych-K practitioner. Jason was trained in Total Body Modification (TBM) by Dr Kevin Millet DC, owner and Head Instructor at TBM Seminars based in Utah, USA.

TBM is a Chiropractic Kinesiology Technique that teaches modified non-adjustive techniques to Health Care Professionals and adjustive techniques to Chiropractors. During his time, Jason was mentored by myself, a certified TBM Instructor and Chiropractor of 30 years, he was a valuable member of a specialized healthcare team and contributed to the health and wellbeing of hundreds of patients, including new patient consultations, report of findings and Functional Kinesiology and Psych-K treatments.


Dr.William Donaldson B.App.Sc. Doctor of Chiropractic

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“Jason Gilbert is passionate about his work and has a great depth of knowledge and experience in the holistic health field. He works in an individualised manner, employing cutting edge techniques appropriate to each person he works with. Jason’s treatments are particularly effective with imbalance and dis-ease of an emotional origin, and I regularly refer my clients to him.”

Keith Harvey- Mind-Body Muscle Therapist / Director of Bioformulations Ltd.


TBM recommendation from Dr Doris Rapp M.D.H., F.A.A.A., F.A.A.P.

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